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Don’t miss an Opportunity to Grow.

You and your Business may bend and flourish at Peshawar’s Zamung Daftar, a welcoming, flexible workspace.

To help people fulfill their potential, we provide their needed support system and resources. We want to create a collaborative, imaginative, and ambitious ecosystem for the next generation of change-makers.

Going Virtual? Your office, Anytime, Anywhere

We provide Virtual Offices in Peshawar to help you expand your company’s presence. Our workplace gives you access to call handling, mail processing, and reception services. It offers a valid company address in the best location.

Our clients include corporate users, legal professionals, and those seeking solutions for their remote workforce. 

In addition, Zamung Daftar is one of the most effective options when working remotely. Coworking is the best option for you if you are part of a company and looking for a Remote Office Space.

Zamung Daftar as Technology-Driven Workspace

Zamung Daftar is not just a place to work and earn but also to learn.

Coworking spaces support technological advancement and digitization while providing businesses with various cutting-edge work tools. 

We give members access to essential and advanced technology resources, like lightning-fast internet, uninterruptible electricity, enhanced building access, and online conference room reservations. 

We let teams stay connected via video conferencing capabilities, conference rooms facilitating virtual collaborations, etc. Coworking spaces’ global digital environment has undeniably captured the attention of businesses.

We create an environment where members share ideas and feedback and engage in mentorship and tremendous resources while creating a conducive ecosystem. So, they leverage each other’s technology, services, and network.

Your own space in a Dynamic Office. Where do you do business today?

Zamung Daftar is a workplace for your business that is more than just a place where people work. It is a home away from home for your diligent workers in many ways.

It is a welcoming place for people to be, much like the perfect home with comfortable working rooms; it promotes inspiration, creativity, and productivity and represents the culture of your business.

Zamung Daftar offers you the best working rooms, like private offices, meeting rooms, event spaces, and big shared spaces with excellent amenities.

Your Productive Day Pass at Zamung Daftar

Use an iconic coworking space by booking a day pass to access first-rate amenities that will simplify your workday. A day pass is for you if you require a desk for the day and want to work productively among others who share your interests.
We provide day pass access from 9 am to 6 pm with care service and high-speed internet facility with reasonable prices.

In Summary

Zamung Daftar is the sole coworking location in Peshawar that offers both virtual and physical services. It’s essential to give people the resources and assistance they require to help them reach their full potential. We aim to build a cooperative, inventive, and ambitious environment for the next wave of change-makers.